What is the advantages to living on a sailboat?

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There is no better way of life for me than living on a sailboat.

Living on a sailboat makes one feel like you are on a continual vacation. Even if you are having to go to work each day, once you get home you instantly feel calm and relaxed. The simplicity of living aboard just makes each day enjoyable. Your friends are in awe of the "easy" life you lead. They love to come visit and have a "mini" vacation themselves.

And think about what happens when you move into a neighborhood and get settled in, when here come your new neighbors. Well, you are excited to have new neighbors, but then you find out they are the worse neighbors one could imagine having. They end up being loud, never mow the yard, leave trash and other items scattered all over their property and of course they have a very obnoxious dog. Ugh! You are stuck with nothing to do about it, but pray they don't stay long. Now, if you were living on a sailboat, you could just untie the lines and move to the next destination in your notebook. Wow, now tell me that isn't freedom at it's highest.

If you are lucky enough to retire and travel, there is no better way than by boat. You are able to go and see so many places. There really is no limit to the places you can visit. By living aboard you are able to travel as long as possible and not spend as much money as you would if you were traveling by vehicle or air. Your home and all of your "stuff" is with you at all times. You are able to either cook onboard each meal or eat out at a variety of restaurants. One is never bored when living on a sailboat. Even your pets are happy because they are always at home no matter where in the world you find yourself.

Living aboard allows you to enjoy nature like nothing else could. On the water, you are a part of nature. I have witnessed some of the most amazing sights due to living aboard. The stars and the moon at night are so beautiful. When you are away from city lights, it is almost a magical feeling looking at the stars. They make you feel really small sitting in the ocean on your little sailboat. At night, the phosphorus in the water glows a beautiful green. The wildlife one is able to come in contact with when living on a sailboat is unimaginable. I have been lucky enough to witness giant manatees, humpback whales, countless dolphin and porpoises, many types of seabirds and even a swimming iguana in Puerto Rico. You never know what the day is going to bring.

You also get to meet many interesting people. Sometimes you are amazed at who you end up talking to, enjoying an adult beverage or sharing a dinner with. Cruisers whether rich, poor or in between just love boats and being on the water. Professions and backgrounds don't matter to most at this stage.

There are so many advantages to living on a sailboat and I can think of no other way to live.

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